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  1. Forum article

    Legal governance of smart heat infrastructure development under modes of liberalization; how to analyze and overcome deadlocks in heat projects

    The background of this article is how the challenge to accomplish a sustainable energy transition—in service of various objectives, such as environmental and geopolitical concerns—has recently brought the develop...

    Michiel A. Heldeweg, Maurits Ph.Th. Sanders and Anne V. Brunnekreef

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:24

    Published on: 14 August 2017

  2. Original article

    Performance assessment of an improved cook stove (Esperanza) in a typical domestic setting: implications for energy saving

    Much of the Malawi’s energy source, which is biomass, is consumed using traditional household technologies. These technologies contribute to over consumption of biomass leading to increased forest degradation,...

    Mapereka Francis Chagunda, Caspah Kamunda, Justice Mlatho, Chomora Mikeka and Lobina Palamuleni

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:19

    Published on: 3 July 2017

  3. Original article

    The impact and challenges of sustainable biogas implementation: moving towards a bio-based economy

    Engineers face increasing pressure to manage and utilize waste (whether of animal, human or municipal origin) in a sustainable way. We suggest that a solution to the problem of organic waste in rural communiti...

    Ralph Muvhiiwa, Diane Hildebrandt, Ngonidzashe Chimwani, Lwazi Ngubevana and Tonderayi Matambo

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:20

    Published on: 29 June 2017

  4. Original article

    Potential water requirements of increased ethanol fuel in the USA

    To mitigate climate impacts associated with energy consumption, renewable fuel policies have been established in the USA that encourage production and use of corn ethanol. Current fuel usage of corn ethanol is...

    Xiaowei (Vivian) Liu, S. Kent Hoekman and Amber Broch

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:18

    Published on: 21 June 2017

  5. Original article

    The study of the variability of biomass from plants of the Elodea genus from a river in Germany over a period of two hydrological years for investigating their suitability for biogas production

    Aquatic plants are an important component of aquatic ecosystems. They are valuable for the oxygen and carbon dioxide household and generate habitats especially for small fish and other small organisms. However...

    Andreas Zehnsdorf, Lucie Moeller, Hans-Joachim Stärk, Harald Auge, Markus Röhl and Walter Stinner

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:15

    Published on: 23 May 2017

  6. Forum article

    Biofuel research: perceptions of power and transition

    Whether biofuels represent a sustainable innovation, a creative alternative, or a gold rush, very much depends on our perception of power and change with regard to sustainability. This article provides an over...

    Lena Partzsch

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:14

    Published on: 18 May 2017

  7. Original article

    Low-carbon development strategy for the West African electricity system: preliminary assessment using System dynamics approach

    Policy makers seek to understand the trade-offs needed between economic growth and climate change. This provides the context to explore low-carbon development (LCD) pathways for the West African electricity sy...

    Abiodun Suleiman Momodu, Ahmad Addo, John-Felix Kayode Akinbami and Yacob Mulugetta

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:11

    Published on: 25 April 2017

  8. Original article

    Factors influencing the adoption of biogas digesters in rural Ethiopia

    Increasing energy demands on farm households in Ethiopia have escalated challenges related to land degradation, indoor air quality, and rural economic development. Soil deterioration followed by reduced carbon...

    Melaku Berhe, Dana Hoag, Girmay Tesfay and Catherine Keske

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:10

    Published on: 3 April 2017

  9. Original article

    Assessing the energy justice implications of bioenergy development in Nepal

    The emerging concept of energy justice has focused on the justice implications of conventional energy systems (oil, gas, coal, etc.). Instead, we focus on the meaning of energy justice in the context of unconv...

    Caroline Damgaard, Darren McCauley and Jed Long

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:8

    Published on: 27 March 2017

  10. Original article

    Impact of flexible bioenergy provision on residual load fluctuation: a case study for the TransnetBW transmission system in 2022

    The transition towards a renewable based power system in Germany largely depends on variable renewable energy sources (vRES) like wind power and solar PV. Their high variability over time poses new challenges ...

    Philip Tafarte, Christiane Hennig, Martin Dotzauer and Daniela Thrän

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:3

    Published on: 13 February 2017

  11. Original article

    A spatial explicit scenario method to support participative regional land-use decisions regarding economic and ecological options of short rotation coppice (SRC) for renewable energy production on arable land: case study application for the Göttingen district, Germany

    Renewable energy (RE) production is a land-use driver with increasing impact on landscape configuration and a matter of controversial debate. Woody biomass cropping provides an opportunity to interlink RE supp...

    Gerald Busch

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:2

    Published on: 31 January 2017

  12. Original article

    Indicator system for the sustainability assessment of the German energy system and its transition

    In response to climate change, the limited availability of fossil fuels and the risks associated with nuclear energy, Germany’s energy transition aims to achieve a sustainable, environmentally sound supply of ...

    Christine Rösch, Klaus-Rainer Bräutigam, Jürgen Kopfmüller, Volker Stelzer and Patrick Lichtner

    Energy, Sustainability and Society 2017 7:1

    Published on: 23 January 2017

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